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Press Release - Tourism Initiative

11 May 2023

The Hoedspruit Chamber/Sakekamer decided to launch a tourism initiative after recent unrest by communities surrounding the Orpen Road. Communities took to closing roads with trees which was a great challenge for tour operators and suppliers that needed to use the road for business. This impacted a lot of people and businesses financially.

Mr. Richard Napier who is our Tourism representative was joined by Marie Helm and made contact with the communities to set up a meeting. The meeting was held at the Southern African Wildlife College on the Orpen Road, on 11 May.

Richard & Marie met with representatives from 10 different villages as well as the DA board member of Bushbuckridge who wanted to be involved.
HCS Tourism Initiative
Delegates hard at work the meeting
In true form, it was our objective to listen to these communities to try and assist them with their complaints and come up with mutually beneficial solutions. Some of the complaints received were:

1) The community youth do not get information in terms of work opportunities. Unemployment is very high and they would like the opportunity to be informed if any positions become available. In addition, many of these individuals had training and even possess university qualifications but lack the experience that so many businesses require. It was decided that the youth would compile a database per village on the workforce, qualifications and experience of these young people. Our representatives will make contact with the tourism groups and local businesses to create internship opportunities for those who so desperately need experience. These opportunities will be communicated back to the village youth.

2) Training & entrepreneurial opportunities. Marie will be making contact with our affiliate partner, Sakeliga to find out about courses available for these youth to empower themselves and even become entrepreneurs. The youth will create another database of economic activities that will assist the community to thrive, for example Spaza shops, hairdressers, barbers, etc. Other suggestions included recycling, community gardens/farms and more shops to ensure that economic growth can be sustainable within the villages, and not all the money is spent elsewhere.

[Sakeliga has in the mean time come back about training opportuntities which will be discussed in the next meeting]

The villages that are taking part in this initiative is Dixie, Uta, Makreeni, Safhiya, Kamillion, Thondale, Hlalakahle, Goternburg, Tlhavekisa, Welverdiend & Sgagula. The youth has already started submitting their databases.

We look forward to the next meeting where further developments will be discussed. Together we can grow - but someone always needs to take the first step. Thank you to the communities that came together to make this initiative a feasible solution going forward. We hope to build a beautiful partnership with you.

If there are any organisations or businesses who would like to get involved with this initiative, please contact Marie Helm on 082 683 2835 or Richard Napier on 083 299 5936. Alternatively email us on

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