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EskomSePush (ESP)
Download & Install the App for the latest loadshedding schedule in your area.

ESP App.png
ESP App.png
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Alfred (Eskom Chatbot)
Click on Alfred to log your electricity fault or follow up on an existing fault.

Level @ 90%
Current water levels in the reservoir is healthy.  Please use water sparingly during Stage 4-6 loadshedding days.

Weather, Electricity & Water


Emergency Contacts

Taking Notes on Financial Report

Downloads & Links


End of Life Planning

Comprehensive document containing all your personal info for family members in case of an emergency.  Sign up to be eligible to download this document - an absolute must have.

Financial Planning Document

Budget, Quote Tracker, Invoice Tracker, GP Tracker, Annual Performance.

Passport Renewal / ID Card

Book your appointment at Phalaborwa for a passport or ID with the Branch Appointment Booking System.

Free Business Software

Zoho Cloud Software suite offers businesses countless software products to assist in running your business efficiently.  Free & premium options available on a range of products.

Salary Slip Template

Free user friendly salary slip to use if you don't have a payroll system.

Online vehicle license renewal

No more standing in qeues.  Renew your license online and get delivery within 5 working days.  It takes 5min to complete & pay.

Business Directory

Job Listings:

Company:  Your Company listed here

Position:  Position listed here

HCS members can send their vacancies to to be listed here.  Send us your company name, the position and the description for the vacancy - duties, requirements, remuneration, benefits, etc.  Also include your contact details.  The apply now button, will create a contact form whereby the applicant can send their CV directly to your company.  You can take it from there...

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